How long does processing and shipping take?

Processing:  Orders for originals and prints are processed, packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days.


  • Standard:  Delivery time for standard shipping (included in price) varies by region and customs.  For the United States, delivery typically takes 2 to 3.5 weeks.  Please contact if you would like a quote for the delivery time.
  • Expedited:  Expedited shipping via DHL is also an option for an additional fee and typically takes a week or less.  Please contact if you would like a price/time quote.

Standard shipments can be tracked at

How much does shipping cost?

Prices include standard international shipping with tracking and signature for delivery via the Netherlands post, so there is no added cost!

Expedited shipping via DHL is also an option for an additional fee.  Please contact if you would like a price/time quote.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. The Grand Sketch is not responsible for delays due to customs.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, The Grand Sketch ships internationally! Prices include standard international shipping with tracking and signature for delivery via the Netherlands post.

From where do you ship?

Orders are packaged and shipped from lovely Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

For what countries is online tracking available?

Online tracking is available for most countries, including the US, UK, and Netherlands.  A full list of countries for which tracking is available can be found here:

Can you provide expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping via DHL is also an option for an additional fee and typically takes a week or less.  Please contact if you would like a price/time quote.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

The Grand Sketch gladly accepts most kinds of returns and exchanges, but please contact first to describe your situation so that the best solution can be found to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase! 

Returns and exchanges are accepted for:

  • Prints; and
  • Original paintings listed under the “original paintings” section of the website.

Returns and exchanges are not accepted for commissions or custom or personalized orders.

To return or exchange an item, you must:

  • Contact within 14 days of delivery
  • Ship items back within 14 days of contacting
  • Return the goods unused and in their original condition
  • Cover the cost of return shipping.  If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

A refund will be issued within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation; however, refunding may be delayed if The Grand Sketch hasn't received the goods or evidence that you've returned them.

Refunds will cover the price of the original goods including standard shipping, but will not include delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard (express/expedited) delivery.

Do you gift wrap?

Each painting is lovingly packaged in a transparent cellophane sleeve with a rigid pH neutral paperboard backing and gift wrapped with brown wrapping paper and cotton baker’s twine manufactured in England.

Are you available for custom work and commissions?

Yes, I adore doing custom work!  I am available for portraits (both pet and human) and illustrations for magazine articles, consumer goods packaging, wedding invitations, and more.  Write to for inquiries.  Visit the commissions section for examples of previous commissions.

How long does it take to complete a commission?

It typically takes two weeks to complete a custom order depending on the number of orders in the pipeline.  If you need your painting to be completed more quickly, please indicate this when placing your order.

Does the dog or person have to sit for a portrait in person?

I typically work from reference photos when painting portraits, so there is no need for a face-to-face portrait drawing session!

What is the best kind of photo to use for portraits?

So that I can better capture the personality of the subject, please send me 3-5 photos.  I will choose the best one and utilize the other photos as references for color and size.

Do you only have one photo or prefer that the portrait be based on a specific photo?  No problem, I can work with that!

Some general guidelines for taking great reference photos:

  • Capture the entire dog/cat/horse/person, i.e. don’t cut off paws, tails, or limbs!
  • Take the photograph from the same level as the pet, e.g. if the pet is sitting on the ground, you should sit on the ground to take the photo.  Photos that are taken from above and look down on the pet tend to distort proportions, e.g. the head will look 10x bigger than the body.
  • Use natural sunlight instead of lamps.
  • Do not use Instagram filters.
  • Don’t worry if the background is distracting.  It will be white in the painting unless otherwise requested.

Do you offer discounts for purchases of multiple paintings?

Depending on the number and type of originals/prints, this may be possible.  Contact to see if a discount can be arranged. 

Do you sell paintings framed?

Yes! If you are interested in purchasing a painting already framed, please contact for options and pricing.  Note that framed paintings may include additional fees for shipping.

If you just would like help choosing a frame, feel free to contact for a recommendation of a frame that you can purchase directly from another site (e.g. West Elm, IKEA).  

I see that prices are listed in euros on your website.  Can I make a purchase in dollars?

Most credit card companies will allow you to make an online purchase in a currency other than your home currency.  Please check with your credit card company to confirm the exchange rate and transaction fees.

If you still would like to make an online purchase that is listed in your home currency, I can set up a transaction via Etsy or I can accept payment via PayPal or TransferWise.

There are paintings on your website and Instagram account that are not offered in the “Prints” section of your website.  Can you make me a custom print?

This is possible for most images!  Please write to for pricing, available sizes, and other options.

What kind of paper do you use for original paintings?

I paint on archival quality ARCHES® 100% cotton watercolor paper that is both acid-free and pH-neutral.  ARCHES®, a French brand dating to 1492, still manufactures its paper via the traditional cylinder mold method.  In this process, the paper pulp is pressed onto rotating wire cylinders and then rolled out to dry, which results in paper with a beautiful surface texture that does not tear easily due to the random distribution of fibers (versus machine-made paper, whose fibers tend to lie in one direction).  I use their heavyweight 150 pound (300 gsm) paper – both the rough “cold press” and smooth “hot press” varieties.

What is the difference between cold press and hot press watercolor paper?

“Cold press” paper has a rougher grain than the smoother “hot press” variety.  The rough surface of cold press paper is great for ensuring even applications of color when applying large washes of paint, as well as for capturing texture.  Smoother hot press paper is great for more detailed work.

What kinds of paint do you use?

I principally work with watercolor paints from Sennelier, which was founded in 1887 by the French chemist Gustave Sennelier in Paris.  I use Sennelier’s honey-based watercolors, which have a beautiful luminosity and transparency.

What kind of paper do you use for watercolor prints?

Watercolor prints are made with Hahnemühle German Etching paper, an archival quality 100% alpha-cellulose paper that is acid-free and pH-neutral.  Like the paper used for original watercolor paintings, this paper is heavyweight (310 gsm) and features a distinct textured surface, ensuring that prints resemble originals.

What kind of printer do you use for watercolor prints?

Watercolor prints are made with a large-format inkjet Epson printer that uses multiple cartridges for each color variation and archival pigment-based inks.  These prints are higher in quality and have better resolution and smoother color transitions than those made with traditional four-color inkjet printers.  Reproductions made with these higher quality printers and pigment-based inks are commonly referred to as “giclée” prints.